Life is too short

Life is too short

Do not waste your time by hating anyone

Forgive their mistakes. 

Life is too short

Do not miss someone who can never come to you again

Move on. 

Life is too short

Do not hesitate to say sorry when you should

Say it. 

Life is too short

Do not shout at your loved ones

Accept them. 

Life is too short

Do not compare yourself with others

You are unique. 

Life is too short

Do not bind yourself with small things

Set yourself free.

Life is too short

Do not cry for things which are not in your hands

Pray it. 

Life is too short

Do not underestimate the power within you

Search it. 

Feel it. 

Show it. 

Live it. 


Intelligence and Creativity

The concept and definition of intelligence and creativity are very much close to each other which may confuse people to visualize the thin line of separation between them.Where we can say the brain is the mother of these two smart and complicated kids, we still need a variety of examples to unfold the true nature of both these beautiful concepts which make anyone successful.


Intelligence is nothing but the action to take a quick decision retrieved from the readily available concepts from your memory. So, one can be intelligent with due course of time, though there are exceptions as well.A person can be intelligent in those areas of his life where he spends most of his time and energy.

Creativity, on the other hand, is a process to think beyond the reality and it will be an added bonus if your creativity has some usability as well.

So, intelligence and creativity may not necessarily belong to the same individual and most of the time these dwell in different people.Best analytical or problem-solving skills are the obvious nature of intelligent people as they get the response from their brain for that particular type of problem within few seconds which is there in their memory.But, creative people will take more time to solve the same problem.

It is easier to be intelligent by spending more time in the field where one wants to gain expertise, but it is way difficult to be creative.So, how to become creative? Is there any technique or steps to follow to be more creative? Let us check it out.


1. Receptiveness
The one and only truth is, all of us are creative by nature because we are one and the same who created this beautiful world. Sounds crazy? Maybe, but it is true and few enlightened souls have realized this unique reality. We may not have realized it, but we can look back into our memory and feel the creator inside us. So, let us have a quick revisit to our childhood days or if you have any kid around you, then observe him peacefully.When you look at a kid, then you can see how his thought and imagination has no bound.For example, he can use his pen and make it fly like an airplane.At times he uses the same pen as a spoon, sometimes as a broom and many other creative things he can do with a simple pen. And one of the best thing about the kid is, he is happy with all the available resources and use them to their fullest. Now imagine, if a pen is available to you, then can you use it for anything else other than writing? Obviously NO.And the reason is quite simple as it is there in our memory, that the pen is used for writing and we are intelligent enough to retrieve this information from our memory and make the exact usage as fed in our system. So, we are intelligent, but losing the charm of creativity inside us.Do you ever wonder why kids are so creative? It is because kids are more receptive to the things happening around them whereas adults prefer to go with selective listening. So, to be creative, you have to be more receptive and accept all the things coming in your way.

2. Mutation
Mutation is nothing but the change which is highly essential to be creative. If you observe properly, then you can get to know the changes occurring in your body with respect to time. Every day many new cells are generated and old cells get removed from our body. Our body constantly reminds “Change is the only constant in this Universe.” So, let us apply a slight change in our personal life, job, hobby and in our surrounding. We can start it by simply changing our food, clothes, people we met, books we read and so on. If you have any hobby, then try to introduce slight change into it. After few days, one can feel the power of mutation and the after effect these changes is the glimpse of the lost creator inside you.

3. The intersection of skills
Creativity reduces with due course of time if you are passionate and working in the same field for many years whereas you will be an expert and the most intelligent person in that field.To achieve intelligence in any specific field, it is easier as you have to focus on that stream with all your energy, but to be creative, you have to indulge yourself in multiple things.The author of the book “Medici Effect” have cited many examples to prove that creativity comes by an intersection of skills. So, one has to work, read, listen and basically open to all the possibilities coming in his way to being creative. If you go back and analyze the life of people who did any invention, then you will find they pursue a completely different hobby as compared to their invention. Many people can say that the hobby has nothing to do with the invention, but it has hidden effect which unlocks the area of possibilities. The famous scientist Albert Einstein loves to play the violin which may be unknown to many of us. Similarly, there are many physicists, painters, entrepreneurs, actors who posses altogether a different hobby apart from their profession.So, Let us think and go beyond the boundary of our profession and try different hobbies. It will help us to become more creative and at the same time, we will gain intelligence in this new field.


4. Express without Hesitation
Most people wait for permission from the higher authority to tackle any new situation. But, there are people who solve the problem at hand by using their knowledge and existing resources and then ask for forgiveness for the newly used way. These people create history later on and they can be considered as creative in their own way. So, why all of us cannot think out of box. It is because we hesitate a lot to express our feeling whereas creative people hardly waste a second to express their feelings in their work, talk, and behavior. So, follow your heart and act wisely.


5. Resourcefulness
Creative people always concentrate on their strengths and use all the available resources to its fullest.But, those who always think about the obstacles cannot grow in their career and they can easily find reasons for their failures. So, try to be creative and make a new usage of existing resources to be more productive and successful. Consider every obstacle as a new opportunity and challenge your creativity to handle the tough situation.


6. Be Happy
Last but not the least is to be happy is the secret to achieve any higher goal.This is the simplest and easiest way to improve the creativity level.So, invest your time into the things which give you happiness and peace. It will boost your energy level and you feel refreshed to think beyond your limit.

So, go ahead and try these simple steps to visualize and realize the creator inside you.Look at life with these new eyes and unlock your hidden potential to achieve the highest form of success, happiness, and peace.

New Age Moms



The most beautiful expression of love can be visualized by observing a mother with her kid. Her affection towards her baby is incomparable and nobody can quantify it.Rightly said by Miss world 2017, Manushi Chhillar that motherhood should be the highest paid job and she gave all the credit to her mother and her sacrifice towards her. But, men in our society come up with an extremely vague argument that the next generation kids will give their credit of success not only to their mothers but as to the maids, grandparents, relatives, neighbors and so on. And they say new age moms feel their kids as some kind of burden and always ready to hand over their kids or kid’s task to anybody to become equal with the men in the society. Earlier days, mothers are so caring, they sacrifice their whole life to take care of the kid and their family without any expectation and still, they are happy and peaceful.But, new age moms are going out in the name of the career and equality at the cost of their kid’s health and future. The current education system is creating slaves who run after money for the sake of their family. Taking care of family seems to be boring, following the family rituals become irritating, observing kid’s growth and being part of it becomes an obstacle in the career for new age moms.And there is a never-ending list of complaints from the so-called breadwinner of the family. The word “New age Mom” is a sarcastic comment on the moms of this generation.

Isn’t it strange? Things have been taken in a such a negative way.  People talk a lot about gender diversity, equality,  women empowerment, praise another woman who is successful, joins the slogan to save the girl child, etc, but the same person forgets to appreciate and respect the women in his house.

Forget about the men in our society, many women hesitate to appreciate other women in their family, neighborhood, and office.It is one of the biggest ironies of our society. Many women do not think before ruining the self-esteem of another woman.We talk about women empowerment and it mostly deals with changing men’s attitude and behavior towards women, but what about a woman dragging another woman back.

Just to reply the people who compare and mocks at the career-oriented women in their house, I can say,”New age moms are much more capable than their previous generation as they are equipped with education, knowledge, strength, focus, passion, and last but not the least, they are caring. We really cannot and should not compare any individual with other as we all are unique in our own way. So, do not waste your valuable time with these unnecessary discussions.”

Charity begins at home. So, all women should hold hands together and start respecting another woman you see, talk, listen. Try to appreciate the efforts and sacrifice put by every individual in your life. Don’t judge the work on the basis of gender,  don’t think the work is small or big, don’t wait any specific day to appreciate. Do appreciate whenever you meet them. It will bring a ray of happiness to them which will uplift your soul as well. Respect a woman simply because she is a woman,  she is living,  she brings life and makes the environment lively.


The Caterpillar Theory


Normally Caterpillar is nothing but the larva of a butterfly or moth. It has a segmented body resembling a worm with three pairs of true legs and several pairs of leg-like appendages. It is considered as a voracious feeder.It mostly eats leaves and grows very quickly.

Caterpillars spend their whole life by searching for and consuming food.But, they are different than other worms because they have the capability to fulfill their desire for food completely. And when they reach the saturation point, they begin wandering in the quest for a suitable pupation site, often the underside of a leaf. There it spins a button of silk which it uses to fasten its body to the surface. Some caterpillars create a cocoon to protect the pupa whereas some species go with the naked pupa. Then the transformation happens within few weeks and the caterpillar will turn into a colorful butterfly.

It is one of the strangest transformation and a lot to learn from this interesting process. So, let us learn and understand this caterpillar theory and start applying it in our lives.

  • No other worm can ever imagine the life of a butterfly except caterpillar. It is because caterpillar goes beyond its sense desires. Similarly, human beings should try to go beyond their sense desires and can transform their lives as well. Then only they can experience the beautiful creation and the reason for their existence.
  • Caterpillar needs to crack the cocoon to become a butterfly and those who cannot crack, they die inside the cocoon. So, human beings also need to be careful and strong enough to break all the worldly bondages like the caterpillar, otherwise, they will also die without knowing the absolute truth.
  • The food habits and behavior of the butterfly are quite different as compared to the caterpillar. In the same way, the behavior of a realized person is much more different and better than a normal human being. Satwa is the predominant quality of the person in the spiritual journey.
  • A butterfly is the most welcoming and pleasing insect whereas people use to avoid caterpillars. Likewise, people listen and respect those who have the knowledge about the supreme reality. Everybody wants to untangle the truth about their existence and the very source from where they come. So, the realized souls are always welcomed by the knowledge seekers.
  • Though caterpillars have 12 eyes, they have a very poor eyesight. They can only differentiate between light and dark and they hardly perceive any color and most of the time they navigate blindly. Whereas butterflies have a better and larger visual field. They can easily detect fast moving objects and they are capable of distinguishing ultraviolet and polarized light. Butterflies have 15 different cones to have a color vision whereas human beings have only 3. Isn’t it strange? So, the person who has started the journey to enquire his inner self has a sharper vision as compared to others.
  • Caterpillars have only one job that is “TO EAT”. And they even eat their eggshells from where they come from. Butterflies are not very much specific about their food sources as the caterpillars do. They usually eat/drink nectar from plants. Same is the case for the transformed person. He hardly bothers about the food and its taste.
  • Caterpillars eat too much because they have to store the nutrition which is needed during the pupation stage. So, every individual should traverse the path of worldly desires which is quite essential to have a fair knowledge about the creation and then he can able to differentiate and understand the spiritual journey in a better manner.

So, let us apply this caterpillar theory in our lives as well and try to think and move beyond the sense desires. Let us put the first tiny step towards a transformed and advanced life which will bring wisdom, peace, happiness, and success.


Similarities Between Spirituality and Motherhood


Motherhood is the best phase of a woman’s life. It is said from ages that a woman is incomplete without her baby. The joy and happiness of being a mother can only be experienced and it is difficult to explain it in words. Vedas and Upanishads have already said the same thing about Spirituality. It can only be experienced and cannot be described by mere words.

Atman/Brahman resides in our body and actually, the body is considered as one type of cloth or house for atman. It is mentioned in the following slokas of  Bhagavad Gita

“vasamsi jirnani yatha vihaya

navani grunhati  naro ‘parani

tatha sarirani vihaya jirnany

anyani samyati navani dehi”

Which can be translated as :

The way one puts on new garments, giving up old ones, in the similar manner the soul accepts new material bodies, giving up the old and useless ones.

But, it is really difficult to experience this fact and even many sages have taken several years to realize this truth with tough sadhana. But, a woman has the gifted power to feel a similar kind of truth as she can experience the presence of her baby within her during her pregnancy. She can correlate and try to take this as a divine opportunity to experience it further.Let us have a closer look on many similarities between spirituality and motherhood.

A woman takes special care of her body during her pregnancy. She has to eat right kind and amount of food, she needs to take enough rest, she has to read good books and overall she needs to be in a good mood with good thoughts as she is aware of the fact that it is going to help her baby to develop in a better manner. Doesn’t this behavior look similar to a person in spiritual path? Because a person on the spiritual path acknowledges the fact that healthier body is the instrument for any kind of sadhna.He has to avoid all those foods which create negative emotions and take more time to digest. He eats satwik food which is mentioned in Bhagavad Gita. He has to take some rest intervals to regain his energy. Also during the initial phase of the spiritual path, people read many mythological books and scriptures to unlock the hidden knowledge regarding atman.

These days many women go for prenatal yoga to ease the pain which will come into the picture in her near future. And yoga is one of the best-suggested ways for spiritual journey suggested by ancient gurus.

The joy of a woman has no bound when she feels the first kick of her baby. And I am not sure, but read somewhere that the divine joy has also no bound and one cannot explain this joy through words.

The ugly part of this realization is one can easily forget this truth once he/she get indulged in other activities.Once the baby comes into the world or gets separated from the mother, a woman forgets the journey and started taking care of the child as a different and new individual. Though she bestows all her love and affection to this newly added member in her family, she realizes that her baby is different than her. Same happens with those people who knew and realized the absolute truth and then did not practice it further. They also forget this knowledge about the self and get engaged with worldly pleasures.


Athato Brahma Jijnasa


The first aphorism of Brahma Sutra is “athato brahma jijnasa” where “Athato” means “after this”, “Brahma” means “the supreme reality”, and “jijnasa” means “strong desire to know”. So, this first aphorism translates into “After THIS, one can have a strong desire to know the supreme reality”.

Then the obvious doubt comes to mind is “what actually refers to THIS ” in the above sentence. Do we need to have any kind of qualification to have a desire to know the supreme reality or our inner self. Let us discuss it elaborately thorough examples to understand this complex sentence.

One can have a desire for the job, after completing his/her studies, one can desire for any material thing(house, car, or any other material property) after having a certain amount of money and so on. Apart from these possessions and qualifications, one should be aware of the fact that how life will be better with a particular positive desire.

So “THIS” refers to the fulfillment of all the desires for sense gratification. Once an individual is done with the bodily or worldly desires, then the enquiry for Brahma needs to take place. Because a person who does not have food and shelter for himself, he just cannot think of anything other than this bare minimum necessity. All his struggle will be for a better environment where he can fill his stomach. So, after fulfillment of all these small yet basic desires, one can think and enquire about the very source from where he came from.

Those people who cannot understand beyond the bodily conception, they cannot reveal the ultimate or supreme goal of life. To understand it, one has to detach himself from all materialistic things. And human beings have the ability to enquire about the Absolute Truth, which animals can not do.Human beings are intelligent enough to ask several questions like what they are, why they have come into the world, what is the purpose of life, who is the supreme controller, what is the difference between static and moving entity, etc. A living entity is always connected with a certain amount of intelligence, but in the human form of life, the living entity must inquire about his spiritual identity. It is said that one who is simply conscious of the body is no better than an animal, even though he be in the human form.

So,  if one has fulfilled the basic requirements,  then he should move ahead to reveal the real and ultimate truth.  And the first step is to have a strong desire or Jijnasa for Brahma.


Reasons to Keep a Spiritual Journal

My Spiritual Learnings

Usually, people keep journals on the topics they are interested in. It can be anything like academic, travel, health, business or personal journals.But, somehow most people never wish to or try to keep a spiritual journal. Because spiritual dimension is the most ignored dimension as compared to physical, mental, and social dimensions. Neglecting physical dimension will result in ill health and there are serious consequences of neglecting mental dimension as well.But, we fail to understand the importance of the spiritual aspect of our life. So, by keeping a spiritual journal, one can reveal the spiritual dimension and its impact on our lives.

How to Keep a Spiritual Journal

The Spiritual dimension involves renewing yourself and your purpose through meditation or prayers or connecting to nature. And the initial step in this journey is to keep a journal.

  • One can use any type of notebook to create this journal like a physical booklet or online note as per their interest and convenience. It is better to keep it a simple one.
  • It is good to start this journal with a specific goal, else it is fine.
  • It can include the prayers, spiritual stories, spiritual thoughts, and spiritual learnings.
  • It is also considered as a good practice to write it daily and review it on monthly basis to keep a check on the progress.
  • Happy, peaceful, success and positive moments of life also can be added to it.

Let us highlight some major reasons to keep a spiritual journal.

Helps to Determine Clear Spiritual Goal

Just like academic and financial goals, one should have a clear spiritual goal in life which can be achieved by keeping a spiritual journal. One can add all the spiritual learnings in that journal and should update it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to keep a track on the progress. It can include the quotes/topics from some spiritual books, listening to some spiritual speakers, discussions in a satsang.

Acts as a Source of Inspiration

At times we all feel low and we need a push during that period to face the situation and move ahead in life. The spiritual journal will act as a source of inspiration during the toughest phase of life. It will make an individual more peaceful with a greater sense of clarity and direction.

Creates a Positive Transformation

The spiritual journal is one of the ways to spend time with your inner self by writing down all the conscious and subconscious thoughts occurring in mind. It can be done by figuring out the spiritual aspect of day to day events which need a closer observation of the situations and surroundings and yourself. It will create an awareness about yourself and will transform you into a better individual.

So, let us start writing a spiritual journal to unlock the potential benefits in long run.